About Us

Damba Chairs operates from a  facility located at Airport Oaks in Auckland. We specialise in original and unique seat technologies but can also supply a broad range of commercial office furniture and fit out solutions. At Damba Chairs we consider the intricate harmony of the human body to be critical. We strive to preserve this balance, aiming to prevent the damage resulting from sitting incorrectly for long periods of time. To this end we are guided by a philosophy of body centred design. Our approach does not simply finish with a chair adapted to support your frame. We employ a holistic philosophy to design, extending ergonomics to encompass your entire well-being.

Our first Damba chairs were developed in 1969, but our award winning seating technology was developed in 1988 by physiotherapist and then company founder of Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd, Peter Gregory, to address the largest cause of occupational back pain in office workers – the office chair. His knowledge of the anatomical reasons for chronic back pain and his precise observations of correct seating posture, lead to the development of the Dual Density Posture Support System. This award winning design is now available with Damba task chairs.

Working directly with the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life as we have the capability to take your idea from concept to reality with our team of highly skilled professionals.

We challenge the belief that one size fits all and as such have developed a broad range of solutions to suit multiple users. We have incorporated ergonomic principles, comfort, feel and chair detail that comes from the heart of Damba Chairs.

Our clients are amongst the great icons of NZ commerce and government bodies including the Universities, and other leading NZ Government departments throughout the country.

Our Mission

Damba Chairs aims to be the leader in innovative ergonomic design, standards and high quality manufacturing processes, to produce a comprehensive range of seating and health care seating that offer the highest quality ergonomic solutions for our customers by: 

Reducing occupational health and safety risks,

Increasing staff productivity, 

Offering comprehensive product warranties, and

Delivering great customer service.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leaders in quality ergonomic seating in each of our product areas.

By developing new products, increasing our brand recognition, expanding our market share.

We want to ensure that we always act honestly and ethically in our business practices and to be conscious of our responsibilities to the environment and communities in which we operate.